What Is the Right Size Dumpster for My Business?

Everything that comes into a business must go out in one way or another. According to IBIS World, 5,808 people in the United States are employed in the dumpster rental industry, which carries away every kind of waste from dry scraps like lumber and paper to food scrap and other things that need special handling. Your business needs a dumpster that can handle its specific needs and is large enough to hold all the waste that it generates.

Several factors indicate the right size for your business’s dumpster. Here are four considerations a waste disposal specialist company would recommend.

Number of Employees

The more employees you have, the more waste you will be generating per day. For an office employing under 20 people, with waste pickups twice a week, a 2-yard dumpster might be fine. If pickups are less frequent and there are more people in the office, you might need a larger dumpster solution.

Space Allowances

If you have a small alley to put your dumpster in, you will probably need many smaller dumpsters than if you have a larger space. Your business needs a waste management solution that respects its dimensional and environmental conditions. If you have a larger space, consolidating dumpsters is a better option both in terms of internal space for external volume and in terms of the ability of your waste contractor to take care of your dumpsters efficiently.


A company that recycles more often needs smaller dumpsters. Recycling takes the trash out of the waste stream entirely by diverting it. In the food service industry, often recycling is not as feasible, and certain products, like used fry oil, have to be disposed of in specialty dumpsters.

Service Frequency

If your dumpster is only taken care of once a week, you will need a bigger dumpster than if it’s taken care of twice a week; you may consider going twice as large. The frequency of servicing is a major contributor to dumpster size. If you can’t afford or don’t have the space for a larger dumpster, a smaller one serviced more often will suffice.

Dumpster size is a major variable for any successful business. For professional assistance choosing the right dumpster for your business, contact Ohio Dumpster Rentals today!